• Love Advice: Why bad boys and girls are so appealing

    Why Bad Boys and Girls Are So Appealing

    You know they're bad but you can't help but want them! However, there are a few big reasons why we find the villain our ultimate fantasy...

    For a start the 'bad' girl or boy is forbidden. When you were young, your Mum said, 'Don't eat all the biscuits,' so that was the first thing you did the minute she wasn't looking. And they tasted damn good too! When you're older, the phrase 'stay away from bad boys and girls' has the same effect - bad must mean fun!

    Secondly bad is sexy. Put a person with a bad attitude in a leather jacket or a short, short miniskirt and our hormones go crazy. We look at people who live on the wild side and think 'I bet they'd be into everything in bed'. We'll do things with them that we wouldn't dream of doing with a potential Mr or Mrs Right because it doesn't matter if they judge us.

    Thirdly, we've fallen for the rescue fairytale. Not all bad boys and girls are bad underneath, and if you can be the one to change them, how fabulous must you be? We kiss the frog and turn them into a prince or we kiss Sleeping Beauty and she awakens to become the ultimate in girlfriends. It's the stuff of fantasies!

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