• "My new boyfriend loves head-jobs but he takes ages to come. What can I do?"


    My new boyfriend loves me giving him a head-job but he takes ages to come.

    I've tried all the standard things to make him speed up like going harder and using my hand more but it seems to have no effect. Any advice?


    Try varying your position. Get him to stand with his legs spread and with a wall behind him (in case he wants to lean as things heat up). You kneel on some pillows before him.

    It's the classic porn pose so he'll have masturbated to it many times, speeding up the orgasm. You also appear to be worshipping the part he clearly does as well.

    Hot it up further by doing it completely naked while he's clothed (albeit trousers unzipped). Or he's naked and you're completely clothed.

    This also allows good access to his scrotum, perineum and anus – and stimulating any or all of these is just what you need to push him over the edge.

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