• "How can I convince my inexperienced boyfriend to try oral sex on me?"


    I've not had much experience with sex but my boyfriend has had even less.

    I want him to try oral sex because I enjoyed it with my last partner but he won't go down on me because he says it's scary!

    How can I convince him to give it a try?


    He could find it scary for several reasons. The most obvious - he doesn't really know what to do once he's down there.

    Solve this problem by taking him on a tour of your body and letting him see - in daylight - where your clitoris is.

    It's one thing feeling it with his fingers, quite another finding it with a tongue in the dark. (If you're not sure yourself, you might consider buying my book Hot Sex has identifies all the different parts and shows you how to examine yourself using a mirror.)

    Then show him what tongue stroke you like by licking the palm of his hand the same way you'd like him to lick you.

    The second reason he may find it scary is he's worried it will smell. That's easily fixed - have a shower first, maybe even together, and make washing part of foreplay.

    Another thing to consider is hair: hair traps the natural musky scent women produce. Lots of men find this sexy but if your boyfriend's a little squeamish about sex - and he sounds like he is - he might find a hair-free vagina less threatening.

    Another advantage to a Brazilian - he can see exactly what he's doing. If you've done all this and he's still complaining, give him a talking to. Penises can be scary too but you had to get used to it.

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    • Catrabbit: April 02, 2009 19:09
      Try playing with yourself, in his presence and then offering up your fingers for him to taste. There is a lot of crap bounded about the playground about women's anatomy, and he may have some strange/unwarranted preconceptions that just need a little gentle dissolving!!

      Once he realises there's a little - slightly savoury - honey pot down there, there'll be no stopping him!

      Now how do I get my new partner to LET me go down there? Girls? She's happy to fellate ME, but...?

    • Chris Price: April 04, 2009 08:32
      Try talking to your Lover, i find this a very real way of connecting with mine.
      He and i Love to know we are satisfying each other.
      And believe me talking, is a very good type of foreplay.
      Be open about you needs and he will be as well.
      Then you sex life will be amazing.
    • Tom: May 04, 2009 19:30
      Make sure you're nice and fresh and tasty, both get in a fun open mood, and put some decent time aside to have a session together to try it.
      Once a guy associates a good cunnilingus session, with the pleasure you get from it, it's a very strong and positive assocation!
      In his own time, let him talk about what he finds scary. You don't have to do cunnilingus to climax, you could do a little, then use a vibrator to orgasm, or use a vibrator for a bit then tongue once he's more confident. A devilish glint in the eye, showing how to lick it using his favorite icecream might help too :)
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