• Sex Advice: How to match your libidos

    How To Match Your Libidos

    Does your partner want more or less sex than you do? Read on to find out how to sync up with each other and have a sex life that leaves you both satisfied...

    Often in long term relationships, you'll find that when one of you is desperate for sex, the other would rather read a good book! However, with these simple suggestions and hot tips you'll soon make time for each other.

    Help for those with low libidos

    Buy some erotic books. By that I mean whatever turns you on. It doesn't matter if it's hardcore BDSM or flirty five minute fantasies, if it causes a pleasant little ache down below then read it.

    Masturbate more. Contrary to popular myth, masturbating while you're living with someone doesn't stop you wanting 'real' sex. The more you masturbate, the more your body gets used to having orgasms and starts craving sex on a regular basis.

    Talk about it. Don't just hand over a list of sexual demands; instead turn it in to a sexy game! Flip a coin and call it. Whoever wins gets to explain one thing they want in bed. This takes the pressure off you both and saves any awkward or difficult conversations for outside the bedroom.

    Help for those with high libidos

    Put pen to paper. Every time you crave sex write it down and why you feel that way. Was it a photo of your partner? Did you spot some sexy lingerie in a shop window? Realising why you get these urges will help you to control them.

    Do you want sex or love? When you want attention from your partner, you may think the best way to get it is through sex. Many people often think a quickie will give them the reassurance they need from their partner but you're likely to feel more satisfied if they show you attention in a loving way. A quick cuddle several times a day, holding hands when walking down the road or just a peck on the lips are more likely to make you feel wanted.

    Don't hassle them if they say no. If your partner's constantly feeling hassled, they're more likely to shy away from sex even further. Ask them outright if they'd like to have sex and if they say no, leave it until they approach you.

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