• Sex Advice: The secrets of successful sex

    The Secrets of Successful Sex

    If you're anticipating a feisty frolic but your partner has other plans, then you need to find a way to enliven your love life and make it too exciting to resist...

    Variety: Try three new intercourse positions every three months; try at leas one new sex 'act' per month; vary the order, length of time and techniques of foreplay each and every session.

    Quantity: Aim to have a minimum of three quick sex sessions and two longer sessions per month.

    Communication: Teach yourselves to talk openly and honestly about your needs and wants. Make a pact never to judge anything your partner suggests.

    Education: Buy at least two sex books a year and look out for articles that keep you abreast of new research.

    Erotica: Watch sexy films, read sexy books, look at sexy images. Focusing on sex keeps your libido high.

    Affection: Kissing your partner for just 20 seconds every day could mean the difference between make or break for your relationship. Touch, kiss and cuddle out of bed, not just in it.

    Heat up your sex life

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