• Sex Advice: The rules of sexploration

    The Rules of Sexploration

    Persuading your partner to try new things sounds so simple... except it's often not. Here are some ideas on how to cope and what to do, on either side of the fence.

    Talk through exactly what will happen, being as specific as possible so there are no surpsises.

    Set rules and stick to them: how are are each of you prepared to go and under what circumstances?

    Decide on a 'safe word' that means 'stop now'. Make it something you're definitely not going to say accidentally.

    Remember your relationship is more important, at every moment, than the experience you're having/ Constantly check in with each other.

    Don't be afraid to use your 'safe word' to stop the experience if you feel upset. It doesn't mean you're prudish, just prudent.

    If your partner gets upset, stop everything immediately and go to their emotional rescue.

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