• "I find it hard to feel my husband's penis inside me during sex. Is this normal?"


    I was a virgin before I slept with my husband so he's the first and only man I've ever slept with.

    Sometimes, I find it hard to feel his penis inside me during intercourse. I can feel him penetrate but that's it. Is this normal?


    It's interesting that you don't comment on the size of your boyfriend's penis. Because that's the obvious question isn't it: is he extremely small?

    I know you're a virgin and probably have nothing to compare it to, so here's a rough guide: the average penis when erect is around 5.1 inches long and 4.8 inches in girth. Do a mental measure to see how your partner fares. If he is dramatically undersize, there's your answer. If he's close to 'normal' size, other factors are at play.

    I don't think anyone will deny (men or women) that the first thrust is undeniably the best because that's when you feel it the most. Once he continues thrusting, you become desensitised to the sensation.

    Your vaginal muscles get tired and stop clenching his penis and it all (sorry to any guys reading!) gets a bit boring for that very reason: you don't feel much.

    Fix it by experimenting with different positions which alter the angle of the vagina. Try him from behind and keep your legs closer together, rather than wide apart in any position. Put one or two pillows under your bottom while he's on top.

    The other thing you can do is strengthen your vaginal muscles by doing kegel exercises. To do these, identify the muscle you use to stop yourself having a pee. Squeeze that muscle and hold for a few seconds, 10 times a day, then work up to three sets of 25 times a day.

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    • Tom: May 04, 2009 19:25
      Sometimes a good orgasm first can help in feeling the guy's penis, as it can bring blood to the right places. Some kegels done regularly, and you'll be able to start getting the kegelcise from sex :)
    • Chris: October 22, 2014 23:07
      If he is small, then try a penis extender sleeve wih him. It can be wonderful for your sensation and stimulation, and the motion is all his when he's on top. When you're on top, he's still in there. Bringing up the subject can be tricky, but if he's significantly undersized, he already knows it, even if you never discussed it. I'm in the micropenis category, myself, and I've always appreciated being able to do more for a woman than Nature's gifts alone allow me to do.
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