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    There's always been a link between food and sex but quite apart from its obvious hedonistic pleasures (eaten, smeared or inserted!); it's the nutrients that are essential for good sex.

    The better your diet, the more energy you have to do naughty thing. The better your body image, the more inclined you'll be to show your body off. Skipping meals makes us irritable; over-eating makes us feel fat, sluggish and deeply unsexy. The trick to maintaining your sex drive, feeling and looking good, and keeping your libido hovering deliciously high, is to eat little, often, and include lots of 'sexy' foods in your diet. While all healthy food is good for you, some nutrients are linked to sexual health more than others.

    By adding the following foods to your shopping trolley, you're sure to keep everything in a tip-top sexual state!

    Zinc: The most important mineral for sexual behaviour and fertility, zinc helps create enzymes that govern taste and smell – both crucial for sexual arousal. Boost your levels: shellfish, eggs, cheese, lamb, poultry, lentils and brown rice.

    Magnesium: This keeps your sex hormones nicely balanced, aids sexual stamina and is vital for sexual sensitivity, arousal, ejaculation and orgasm. Boost your levels: eat green leafy vegetable, nuts cheese, bananas and cereals

    Calcium: We need it for nerve transmission and muscle contraction associated with male erection and female orgasm. Boost your levels: eat dairy products, green leafy vegetables, beans, prunes, nuts and dried fruit.

    Arginine: This amino acid derived from protein foods is necessary for all growth and sexual development. Boost your levels: eat all animal foods, dairy and popcorn.

    Vitamin C: Not just to guard against the common cold, it boosts your sex drive and strengthens the sex organs. Boost your levels: berries, citrus fruits, mangoes, potatoes and broccoli.

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