• "My girlfriend enjoys sleeping with women. Is she bi-sexual or just too scared to admit she's gay?"


    A few months ago, my girlfriend told me she was actually bisexual and also enjoyed sleeping with women.

    She asked if it was fine if she had the odd girly fling and I said it was OK but now she seems to have more fun having sex with females than me.

    Is she bi-sexual or just too scared to admit she's gay?


    Evidence mounts for a growing case that women are far more 'erotically plastic' than men appear to be. Our sexuality appears to alter depending on our social conditions and environment - we're sexual chameleons!

    This is why it's entirely possible for us to make an intellectual choice to be a lesbian, rather than feel compelled to do it. The switch works in reverse as well. 'Hasbians', like Anne Heche, were gay but are now heterosexual.

    The reason why women are so much more adaptable than men? First up, we're aroused by more than just what we see. Personality, loyalty, intelligence, kindness - they're also taken into account - we look at potential partners as people, rather than men. This makes us more likely to fall for the person, rather than the gender.

    It's never terribly useful putting labels on people so if I were you, I'd stop trying to work out what she is and instead try to find out what she's getting from the women that she's not getting from you. Then try to provide it, if you can.

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