• "I like being in the girl-on-top position but my boyfriend's penis often falls out. What can we do?"


    I like being in the girl-on-top position but whenever we really start getting into it, my boyfriend's penis often falls out, usually at a crucial moment! Why does this happen?


    It's not uncommon for a penis to accidentally 'pop' out of the vagina during intercourse. Sometimes it's because you're so turned on, you're lubricating madly and it's all a bit slippery. Or you're thrusting so enthusiastically, you're lifting yourself off his penis entirely.

    Are you also moving around a lot - leaning forward to kiss him maybe? Keep your thrusts shallow and hold the base of his penis with your hand. This not only stops it popping out but feels great for him, especially if he's uncircumcised because you're holding back the foreskin and exposing the sensitive glans.

    It probably wouldn't hurt if you did regular kegel exercises also which tone the vaginal muscles for the snuggest possible fit. This simply means squeezing and holding the same muscle you use to stop yourself peeing. Squeeze and hold for two seconds, about 20 times, then work up to three sets a day.

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    • sharee: June 14, 2009 20:57
      im a lady of the larger variety, my boyfriend and i are in a good stable relationship and have amazing sex. the one thing that gets me is last night he asked me to go on top, im very inexperianced and would like some tips on how to do it properly to give him the best night of his life.... any tips would be much appreciated!!!!
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