• Sex Advice: Spanking - the stroke-by-stroke guide

    Spanking: The Stroke-By-Stroke Guide

    Many people indulge in spanking but it is still considered taboo. If you want to indulge in a little slap-and-tickle here's how to do it right and do it well...

    Don't even think about starting the session until they're fully aroused. The more erotically aroused they are, the more likely they are to be receptive to erotic pain. Stop spanking the minute their arousal level falls.

    Run your fingers lightly over their buttocks, tickling them. Then place one hand on a buttock cheek, the other on the genitals. Start with the cheek closest to you.

    Cup your hand slightly, keeping your fingers together and spank in a slightly upward motion. This feels better than a downward stroke. Keep your wrist flexible to begin with - experiment by holding it rigid a little further on.

    Your first spank should be more like a caress than a slap. After you've dispensed it, massage the area for a few seconds and fondle the genitals.

    Then try another spank, timing them to arrive no later than three to five seconds apart. Cover both cheeks, aiming for the lower, fleshier part and start to increase the force. Vary the pressure, frequency and placement of the slaps.

    Later, try dispensing a spank, then holding your hand still on the skin for a second or so. Rub, stroke or lick the area for a further second, before giving another spank.

    Alternate the spank of your hand with a different texture – a fur mitt, the back of a hairbrush. Or contrast the slap of spanking with, light, feathery strokes or kisses.

    A vibrator held between her legs (by clamping her thighs shut) doubles the stimulation.

    Use an ice cube to cool down the skin after a spank. Then lick or rub the area to provide the contrast of hot and cold.

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    • mfc0802: March 01, 2012 17:20
      My lady and I have only been together a few months and, soon after we first made love.............which was incredible for a first time with a new partner BTW, it became obvious that it was an avenue she had explored a touch in her previous long term relationship.

      We have recently made some purchases from the site, are currently in the process of starting down the path together, and whilst we may never have a dungeon, stocks and rack built in the house, we are excited at some of our first (albeit gentle) steps.

      I'll keep you posted!!!

    • Michael Loveday: November 08, 2013 14:46
      Dear Tracey I am very worried about my penis since i was a gouny lad i have been having big problems with it it would not go hard "sorry" i have been to my gp and was told it,s my age as i am 56 years old can you advice me or help me please as i have a new girl friend now since i lost my wife from cancer same years ago i have been on my own now i got a loving kind new girl friend we wants to have a great sex life together please please can you help me i am very greatfull michael
    • Michael: November 08, 2013 20:33
      I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT SPANKING in a relationship with a partener
    • Michael: November 08, 2013 20:37
      i do like the sound of this spanking thing but do not know how to do it it sounds very interesting this spanking in a relationship if i likes it i would like to recive it as well as give it
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