• "Is there such a thing as a U-spot? A friend of mine says there is but is she making it up?"


    Is there such a thing as a U-spot? A friend of mine who is very experienced keeps telling me it's the only way she can orgasm but I don't want to look stupid by asking her what it is.

    She's a bit of a boaster and think she might even be having a joke with me and there is no such thing.


    If parts of our bodies were bars and restaurants, this spot would currently be the coolest, hippest place in town. But she's not having you on, there really is such a thing.

    American researchers discovered the erotic potential of the U-spot by discovering women had a powerful sexual response when a certain area was gently stimulated by a finger, tongue or tip of the penis. That area is near the urethra - the tiny hole that pee comes out of, usually midway between your vaginal opening and clitoris.

    Look for a small patch of sensitive erectile tissue (erectile simply means tissue that swells when it's stimulated) just above and on either side of the urethral opening. Get him to concentrate on this area with his tongue or finger (use lubrication unless you are really wet).

    During intercourse, spread your legs widely, pressing yourself against his penis and pelvis to allow maximum contact and get him to grind rather than thrust.

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    • ann costello: May 20, 2009 02:38
      The above comments on the U SPOT is true..I thought all women have this....Try stimulating that spot with yr lovehoney's finger vibrator while using a vibrator or his penis inside you,,,,,MAGIC orgasms....awesome..............
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