• "I've got a feeling the guy I'm dating is a virgin. How should I handle this?"


    I've got the horrible feeling the guy I'm dating is a virgin because he hasn't made a move on me and we've been seeing each other for two months now.

    Is there any way to tell and how do I handle it if he is?


    There's no real way to tell if a woman has had intercourse - let alone a man! (Despite those gory you-should-have-seen-the-sheets stories, exercise, gymnastics, tampons and natural erosion tend to do a mega-effective job of eroding hymens before D-day.)

    But although it's impossible to tell if a man's had penetrative sex (or oral, hand stimulation or masturbated before), there are certainly lots of other clues he's not led a Peter Stringfellow type existence.

    First-time nerves are normal but first-time-ever men tend to ejaculate quicker than you can say 'Eh? What happened?" He's likely to leave it up to you to initiate intercourse and will almost certainly opt for the missionary position.

    If he confesses he was a virgin afterward, act surprised. You're not, so he's likely to be embarrassed he was. Load on the compliments and positive feedback and if it was awful, remind yourself practise usually does make perfect!

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