• Love Advice: 5 good reasons to stop panicking about finding 'Mr Right'

    5 Good Reasons to Stop Panicking About Finding 'Mr Right'

    There's nothing wrong with being fussy and the more Mr Wrongs you go out with, the more likely you are to find Mr Right. Here's 5 reasons to stop worrying about your search...

    1. It's likely that some of the best, most wicked sex you'll have is with someone you don't love. Most women don't do the really kinky stuff with a man they think could be a future husband.

    2. The longer you leave it the fussier you'll be - this is a good thing because it means you're not 'settling'.

    3. The longer you stay single, the more independent you'll be. This means you'll choose a life partner for the right reasons: you want them rather than need them.

    4. The more Mr Wrongs you go out with, the more likely you are to find Mr Right. The more you veer away from type, the more likely you are to find someone who'll make you happy.

    5. For every successful single woman who regrets having focused on her career, there's a woman who settled down too early and thinks she's missed out. There's an up and down side to everything.

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    • lettie: November 12, 2009 00:34
      I have wasted so long on Mr Wrong wowing now to stay alone and meet Mr Right trouble is the only Mr Rights have women already I want revenge on all the shit men I have been with and the slappers they cheated on me with. All my ex's flirted with others or actually cheated on me. I refused sex but no excuse 4 cheating. I had bad man radar I hope I pick better well I have weeded out some right jerks lately so thanks exs' 4 showing me who is pants and to avoid!
    • Kokayi Ufanifu: November 12, 2009 16:06
      1) To find the right person "Know Thyself"

      2) Ask yourself "What qualities would my mate have that would be compatible with me or What kind of mate would make me happy?

      3 ) Write those qualities down in detail and review often?

      4) What would make me happy as a human being...period?

      5) Ask yourself lots of questions?

      6) Imagine your perfect life together as often as you like.

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