• "Every time my wife and I have sex it's all over too quickly or else the opposite happens. Help!"


    I am having major penis problems. Every time my wife and I have sex it's all over too quickly or else the opposite happens and I can't seem to come at all. What's going on here?


    It's interesting you're going from one extreme to the other. A few obvious questions... Do you orgasm too quickly when you haven't had sex for a while? The solution could be to have sex more often or more regularly.

    Around 38% of men say they don't last as long as they'd like. Try masturbating an hour or so before you have sex - and don't stop just because you've lost your erection. Most women don't orgasm through penetration anyway so take the focus off intercourse and think outside the square. Hands, tongues, fingers, tongues, vibrators, tongues (did I mention tongues?) are often more efficient at satisfying her than your penis is.

    When you have the opposite problem and can't orgasm at all, is it after you've had more than a few beers? Alcohol is the most common culprit. Or you might be desensitised by doing it too long in the same position. Change positions and get her to give you oral sex and/or use her hand if you're finding it hard to let go.

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