• "My boyfriend freaked out when he couldn't get hard after drinking. Now he can't get hard at all!"


    My boyfriend is suddenly having erection problems and I don't know what to do. It started when he had drunk too much one night and he totally freaked out when his penis didn't work.

    That was two months ago and he's been unable to get hard since


    Panic not - this happens a lot. It's normal for him not to be able to get erect if he's had too much to drink, he's simply over-reacted and made it a bigger deal than it should have been.

    He can't now get an erection because he's so nervous about it not happening, it's affecting his ability to get hard. Tell him this and take the focus off his penis by letting him use his hands and tongue to pleasure you. Once he relaxes about it, everything will work again.

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