• "I've just moved in with my partner and he's avoided sex with me ever since. What's going on?"


    I have just moved in with my partner and he’s avoided sex and any type of affection with me ever since! Pre moving in, he was great - very affectionate and sexual.

    I’ve confronted him about this and all he does is roll his eyes and tell me it’s been a huge two weeks what with shifting and him not feeling well. He then changes the conversation and the topic is lost. What’s going on?


    My guess is he’s got ‘buyer’s remorse’. He was all keen to move in but now he’s done it, he’s gone into a post-move panic! On the outside he’s playing it down and acting casually about it all, but I bet on the inside he’s in a complete lather!

    Avoiding sex and affection is a subconscious way of pretending it’s not real. To cuddle or have sex with you would be to seal the deal.

    I’d let him be for a few weeks and see what happens. Give him loads of space and freedom - go out and see your friends leaving him to enjoy some time alone and encourage him to go out solo with his. Once he sees his independence and freedom aren’t threatened, he should calm down and start behaving normally.

    If this doesn’t work, confront him again and ask what’s going on. Refuse to be put off until he gives you a direct answer. If he doesn’t, tell him it’s not good enough and you think maybe he should move out since it’s clearly not working. That should let him know you mean business!

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