• "When my man stimulates me manually I get 'watery wet' and he gets grossed out. Help!"


    When my man starts stimulating me manually, I often fear letting myself enjoy it completely, because I always get 'watery wet' and feel like I am leaking pee.

    He gets really grossed out so I rarely orgasm. Is this the same as female ejaculation or is it incontinence? I am 28 years old.


    Nothing infuriates me more than women telling me their partner makes them feel bad for getting ‘too wet’. He should be complimented you’re so turned on, rather than ‘grossed out’! Quite frankly, I think the main problem is him, not you getting ‘watery wet’.

    Find a man who makes you feel comfortable about yourself and your sexuality and I suspect you won’t notice or care how wet you get. So, as you can guess, I’m not a big fan of your boyfriend.

    As to what it is: I very much doubt it’s incontinence at your age, unless you have already had several children. If you have, you might want to do kegel exercises (repetitively squeezing and holding the same muscle you use to stop peeing) to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It may well be that you’re ejaculating but that’s pretty unusual if you’re not orgasming (most women who do ejaculate do so on orgasm).

    My guess is you just lubricate more than most women do. Lucky you. Lots of women suffer from the opposite – not lubricating enough. Embrace it rather than be embarrassed by it.

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    • KittyPurry: September 05, 2009 14:22
      Sorry to hear that your boyfriend seems to be lacking a little basic sexual knowledge! We girlies are designed to wet when we're horny, we've evolved that way to allow for easier entry. We can't help it and frankly who'd want to!? Wetness just makes things more pleasurable and if you're producing lots naturally you're a lucky girl and you'll save a fortune in lube!

      You describe the wetness as watery, brought on by stimulation and haven't mentioned any unplesant smells or anything so I don't think there's anything to worry about in terms of infection. You're wetness sounds perfectly healthy and normal (not to mention sexy) I bet most women (and their parnters) would love things to get so juicy!

      I'd have a frank discussion with your boyfriend about why exactly he's grossed out. It might just be that your man's inexperienced and one word of assurance that the wetness is what's supposed to happen and he'll be well away! If your partner is uncooperative or makes you feel awkward then I would seriously consider leaving him and getting the good lovin' that you deserve elsewhere!

      Remember hun: wetter is better!


    • becks: September 07, 2009 18:15
      Nearly 2 years ago i was with a man who found my wetness a turn off, i get very wet, i can't help nor did i want to, nor DO i want to, i also adore sex with my partner (who is very sexy, sensual and sexual and fun and plain lovely to be with) and sex with myself.

      Turned out sex wasn't the only area this man an i lacked 'compatibility in' he was very controlling whilst having the maturity of a new born mayfly -- anyway we spit up.

      I am now with a person who is almost the opposite, he is funny, sexy, loving, lovely, human with flaws but a good guy, he adores how wet i get, the wetter i get the more turned on he is and the more turned on he is the wetter i get, we are both sex pots but we also enjoy cuddling together, talking, laughing and even just being quiet together.

      Don't let this guy stop you being yourself and being happy to be so, if he can't accept you for who you are and adore how wet you get then there are folks out there who will love you being yourself who will adore how wet you get .... life is too short to be unhappy with the people we choose to spend our lives with :)

      good luck

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