• "Are you supposed to clean sex toys? I can't just rinse them under the tap, can I?"


    Are you supposed to clean sex toys? My rabbit is looking a little icky but I don’t think I can just wash it under the tap, can I?


    If it has a battery pack, it’s not waterproof. Clean it by simply wiping it down with a soapy washcloth followed by a rinsed wet cloth then dry with a clean tea towel.

    Silicone toys - like dildos - can be washed with warm water and soap. But the best way to clean them is to use a specific toy cleaner.

    If you plan on sharing your toys or using them on multiple partners, cover them with a condom before use and never, ever use a dildo or vibrator you’ve used anally inside the vagina unless you cover it with a condom first (anal bacteria can cause vaginal infections). Store toys safely by wrapping them in cloth or a plastic zip bag.

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