• "I'm 26 and I can't manage to stay erect. Would this be considered ED (erectile dysfunction)?"


    I'm a 26 year-old guy. My situation is that I masturbate successfully and have no problem getting off manually or orally, but when it comes to intercourse, I can't manage to stay erect. Would this be considered ED (erectile dysfunction)?

    Could it be because I'm really small and don't get the same kind of stimulation with intercourse that I receive with a hand or mouth? I don't have any other health condition and don't take any kind of medication, but this has been happening for as long as I've been sexually active.


    If your penis is on the small side, this could definitely be a factor. A firm hand and an agile tongue are no matches for even a well-toned vagina, so you will definitely get more pressure and stimulation from oral sex and masturbation.

    If you think this is the case, get her to reach down and hold the base of your penis as you thrust inside her. This will give you the extra stimulation you need to keep you hard and tip you over into orgasm.

    The other reason it might be happening is that couldn’t orgasm the first few times through penetration – performance anxiety perhaps? - and you now have a mental block about it. You sound well educated about sex so you know what I’m about to suggest.

    Take the focus off penetration and pleasure her with your hands and tongue rather than make intercourse the main event. Try penetrating for a few thrusts, then teasingly moving back to oral or using your fingers on her, before trying again. You’re stressing about it and it could well be part of the problem.

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