• "My girlfriend thinks using sex toys is dirty. How can I persuade her to try them?"


    My girlfriend and I have a great sex life. We’re two years in and I’d like to try some sex toys but she thinks it’s ‘dirty’.

    I've told her she could use a butt plug on me but she still thinks it's not right. How can I convince her to try some toys?


    Start by suggesting something a little less threatening. Suggesting you start off with a butt plug is a bit like asking a vegetarian to take their first taste of meat by sitting down to a rare steak - it’s too much too soon. Lots of people are ‘funny’ about their bottoms and her using it on you could also throw up all those silly ‘Is he gay?’ myths as well.

    Instead, why not start with something completely non-threatening like lick-off body paint. Or flavoured lube. Then you might suggest a small, clitoral vibrator for you to use on her. Or some fluffy girly handcuffs or a blindfold. Approach it this way and she may start to see sex toys as fun ‘toys’ rather than something ‘dirty’.

    It’s also worth asking her why she thinks they’re ‘dirty’. Did she have a bad experience in her past? It’s unusual for someone who enjoys good sex to be so dismissive. Unless of course, you’ve only suggested using a butt plug rather than trying to lure her in with a vibrator. Which, I’d bet my ass, she already owns but keeps in a secret place so you don’t find out.

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