• "I'm at my horniest during my period but my cervix is sensitive. Can you recommend any positions?"


    I’m horniest during my period but it’s not only messy, my tummy and cervix are sensitive during this time. Do you know a good position to overcome this?


    The shower is an obvious choice. Aside from zero mess, warm water running over your abdomen is soothing. Try putting your back against the shower wall and lift one leg as high as you can, resting your calf against the side of his shoulder.

    He holds your thigh and under your bottom to support you and can move you around so he’s angled not to hit your cervix. If thrusting hurts no matter what the position, have him withdraw, and then rub the head of his penis against your clitoris until you orgasm. Finish him off with your hand or mouth.

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    • becks: November 20, 2009 16:42
      I find a variation of the missionary position helpful ... basically missionary but on your sides ... of course one needs a towel or two for the mess, but in terms of sensitivity this is a good gentle position (and no excessive flexibility required).

      Alternatively if your periods are particularly bad or you are looking for good contraception that will help as well ask your Dr about your options, i find now that i barely have period discharge or pain, and as such we can enjoy much more varied sex positions when i'm on my period, when i like you am very horny ;)

      good luck

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