• "I thought I had an STI but my doctor said it was bacterial but didn't say what it was. Help!"


    I recently went to the doctor because I thought I had an STI. She tested me and told me I did but not to worry because it was bacterial.

    She gave me a course of tablets and said that would be that. I have no clue what I had and am worried it may come back.


    It’s odd she didn’t give it a name – and I’d certainly be finding out what it was! – but it’s true that bacterial STIs are usually easily cured with antibiotics. Viral STIs aren’t curable (though most are manageable with the right treatment and care) and don’t have vaccines: once you’ve got one of those, it’s yours for life.

    HIV, Herpes, HPV, hepatitis are viral, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, PID and Syphilis are bacterial. So, you should be fine after one course but go back for a second test once you’ve finished it to check for sure – and to find out what the hell it was in the first place!

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    • Daniel Maycock: November 25, 2016 20:33
      I was reading up on HPV vaccines (recall you did an article a while back on this and was trying to find it). I am surprised at the cost of the vaccine - up to £510 at some places, but obviously worth it for the cost. Trouble is, for men over 26 it doesn't appear to be given or certainly gives an impression it isn't given. I wonder if anything would be planned to allow men over 26 the opportunity of being vaccinated?
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