• "Me and my boyfriend have a good sex life but sex only lasts 15 minutes. How long should it last?"


    I am 26 and my boyfriend is 28. We have good sex but it only really takes about 15 minutes. Is this normal. How long should a sex session last?


    Lots of people ask me if there’s a certain period of time they should spend having sex, with the most quoted figure being 20 minutes. This one came into its own because of a survey result that said most women take 20 minutes to climax.

    Everyone took that to mean 20 minutes of general foreplay but in fact, it meant 20 minutes of direct and consistent clitoral stimulation. So unless the session actually starts with him diving straight for your crown jewel and is over the second you’ve had your orgasm, it doesn’t make sense.

    People also missed the crucial words ‘up to’, as in it can take women up to 20 minutes, rather than it always does. But the thing is, lots of women are able to orgasm in two minutes, others may take 40 minutes if not really in the mood. You say the sex you’re having is good, so I’m guessing you’re able to climax quickly. Good for you! Instead of worrying about it, enjoy it!

    If you want the session to last longer, try instigating some new positions or techniques or ideas. If you’re short on inspiration, my books are full of ideas. Try supersex for starters!

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