• "My boyfriend recently told me he'd had sex with a guy in the past. Is he secretly gay?"


    My boyfriend recently told me he’d had sex with a guy in the past. He says it was a one-off thing in his teens and he’s been straight since but I’m concerned he’s secretly gay.


    It’s not as common for men to be as bi-curious as women, but it’s not rare either. If it happened in his teens, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Lots of guys experiment, especially if they’re boarding at a same sex school, hormones going wild and no girls in sight!

    The fact he told you suggests to me that he isn’t gay. If he was confused, he’d probably keep quiet or perhaps experiment by secretly having sex with another man. He’s unlikely to do that having alerted you to his past.

    I’m assuming you both had full sexual health checks before ditching the condoms. If you haven’t, do: man-to-man sex is higher risk than straight sex.

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