• "My guy loves to have his nipples played with. Is this normal - I thought only women enjoyed this?"


    Is it normal for a guy to be really into having his nipples played with? My guy always gets me to squeeze his nipples hard just as he’s about to come. He loves it!

    I don’t mind but isn’t it a bit strange? I thought only women wanted their breasts played with?


    Actually, not all women do have sensitive nipples - and it’s the same deal with men. Some men’s nipples seem directly linked to their penis. Suck, stroke or tweak them and they’ll get an instant erection.

    Other men aren’t in the slightest bit sensitive - play around all you like, but he’ll still look about as excited as someone with the flu waiting for the doctor. Since your boyfriend likes them being pinched, indulge him!

    Also try out the same techniques he uses on you (or you’d like him to) - nibbling, stroking, sucking and biting gently.

    Heat up your sex life

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    • becks: February 02, 2010 02:12
      My guy loves his nipples to be played with, stroked, licked, sucked and gently nibbled.


    • hornyBB: February 02, 2010 07:25
      So does mine!! :-)
    • arlene thomas: February 03, 2010 22:58
      Myguy is 12 years older than me,our sex life is sick we hardly every have sex at all and when we do have it .Well lets say its passable.I guess the real question is how do we( I) get this man to ingage into more sex? he is working on getting his news papper back up and running again,but still he or should i say we need help.He might not see it that way at all ,but I do and he tells me that I dont dress sexy ....Its too dam cold too dress sexy .....
    • becks: February 04, 2010 00:22
      Dear Arlene,

      Well sexy can be done 'warm' or just in the house.

      If i'm going out i have a nice pair of knee high boots (one with heels one without) which are 'date' boots, slinky satin skirts which come down to my feet (and i'm 5 foot 11" so nice an along) a corset with a sexy blouse over the top (or vise versa depending on the weather and the venue) then a nice tailored 'evening coat' (i got the coat from a charity shop brand new for a £5) worn with stockings and suspenders underneath of course (one can get woolen stockings if one wishes and they can be fairly sexy)

      What my partner and I do before a date (usually within the week before) is ask each other what we are finding 'sexy' right then ... if its realistic then we fit that into our plan of what to wear for each other.

      Might be that each of you make a list of what for you is 'sexy' for the other to wear and do for the other ... for me i go all *purrrrr* when my guy wears a white cotton t shirt and he likes it when i wear white cotton undies, blouse and skirt ... what will help you bond together again as a couple.

      also picking ones moment to be 'sexy'

      What does your guy feel about a weekly/2 weekly 'date' night?

      not necessarily anything expensive, it can even be done at home with a movie and a nice meal you've cooked together ... the advantage of doing that is you can dress sexy and be warm.

      also do you both snuggle much without 'sex' being mentioned or an issue?

      i know one of my great pleasure in life is simply to stand in my guys arms with my head on his chest, it's like a moment in time that is just for us.

      I'm not sure how much of an impact the age difference has for you?

      My guy is 17 years older than me and we fit each other very well, but i'm aware it isn't like that for everyone, the last person i was with had a major issue about the 'age' gap.

      good luck hope the above waffle helps in someway


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