• "Are certain beds better for your sex life? We want to buy a new one - can you recommend anything?"


    Are certain beds better for your sex life? My husband and I are about to buy a new one and wondered if there are any types of beds that improve your sex life. We can’t stretch to a four-poster.


    An ideal sex bed would have no headboard or footboard so legs and arms and heads can loll over the sides if you fancy it. Then again, another ideal sex bed would have a headboard that you could tie each other’s wrists to!

    It’s a bit horses for courses but one thing I would recommend is that you buy one with a good, firm mattress. It’s much better for intercourse than a soft bed, because a hard surface is easier to work on and there’s more resistance.

    High beds work better than low, futon styles because it allows one of you to stand on the floor while the other person exposes whatever bit they want stimulated at the right height. Obviously the bigger the bed the more freedom you have.

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    • cat: March 13, 2010 14:23
      Great for a bad back, but not for sex. DON'T buy a 'Tempura' mattress

      One gets into a great position, and then you start sinking, not good!!!!

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