• "I want to get an AIDS test but my GP wouldn't do it. Where do I go to get one done?'


    I want to get an AIDS test but when I asked my GP, he looked horrified and told me they don’t do ‘that sort of thing’. Where do I go to get one done?


    It’s ironic that the government promotes safe sex yet has many NHS doctors that baulk at providing an HIV test on demand! (There is no such thing as an ‘AIDS’ test, what they test for are the antibodies that are present that point to AIDS developing.)

    Instead you’re meant to go to a ‘sexual health clinic’ (which scares people to death, but in fact aren’t scary). The Terence Higgins Trust website has more information and a range of search facilities. You should find places in your area - some are walk-in, free and offer one-hour results, others are appointment only and charge.

    The NHS website has helpful information, too.

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    • fos: March 24, 2010 08:36
      You go to your local GUM clinic. It is usually located within your nearest hospital (I have two hospitals in my town and therefore two GUM clinics).

      Google for YOUR TOWN and GUM CLINIC and will come up with the opening hours and the list of tests available.

      I recommend you have a full STD screen (it doesn't take long) as you're having a blood test and I don't think they test for individual STD's. If you think you're at risk of one then you're probably at risk of all of them?

      GUM clinics are usually staffed with very nice people and I'm surprised Tracey didn't mention them in her reply.

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