• "Will conducting relationships online impact on my future real life relationships?"


    I was in a loveless marriage and dealt with it by spending a lot of time on 3D virtual websites to satisfy my emotional and sexual needs.

    We have since split but I’m still having relationships with people online and worried it will impact on my future real life relationships.


    Websites are a great way to meet new people and stave off loneliness. But no matter how real ‘virtual reality’ can feel, it’s not reality and the skills you need to shine online aren’t the same as those you need to connect in real life.

    If all your relationships are played out in front of a computer, you’re bound to feel anxious meeting up in real life. The fact you’re concerned says you have reason to be. So step away from the computer and get outside.

    Go out with friends, talk and most of all touch. Remember how wonderful a warm body feels? That’s what you’re missing by only operating online.

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