• "My daughter just told me she's bi-sexual. Is she gay? What does the research say?"


    My daughter just told me she’s bi-sexual. I’ve always thought saying ‘bi-sexual’ is just another way of saying ‘I’m gay’. What does the research say?


    There’s precious little on bi-sexuality and a lot of it is conflicting, so it’s difficult to give accurate figures on how many bi-sexuals go on to become solely interest in same-sex relationships.

    One particularly reputable study deduced 10% of the population are truly gay or lesbian, 10% totally heterosexual and 80% potentially bisexual if we acknowledged our fantasies, dreams and crushes.

    What is clear is our sexuality isn’t set and changes as we do. Instead of trying to pigeon-hole your daughter, why not let her know you love her no matter what she chooses to become?

    Our sexuality is fluid and while she describes herself as ‘bi’ now, she might decide she’s straight later on or indeed gay.

    Listen to her, accept her for who she is right now and she will feel safe to explore all the options open to her.

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