• "My girlfriend wants to 'deep throat' me but she's only able to get so far and then gags. Help!"


    My girlfriend wants to ‘deep throat’ me but she’s only able to get so far and then gags. She’s been trying to work her way past that part for a few weeks now.

    She’s tried adding lube to my penis and having a few drinks to relax her throat but nothing works.

    I don’t rush or force her and try to help her relax. Is there something we’re not doing?


    To ‘deep throat’ she has to widen the natural ninety-degree angle of her throat by choosing specific positions. Get her to lie on her back, her head hanging off the edge of the bed, with you either standing or kneeling by the side of the bed.

    She can use her hands against your thighs to control the depth. It’s worth trying to master deep throating for the pure novelty factor but if it continues to result in what’s, let’s face it, some pretty unpleasant gagging for her, admit defeat and give it a miss!

    Most of the sensation in the penis is in the head anyway so apart from the visual ‘porn’ appeal, it’s unlikely to feel any different than a practised head job that doesn’t involve taking all of you in her mouth.

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    • AtlantaBirnz: April 13, 2010 00:00
      Deep throating is something you have to learn.
      If you have a flexible dildo of roughly the same thickness as your cock she can try practising on it.
      I learnt to do this for my lover, who liked to push my head deep onto his cock.
      It's a matter of learning to overcome the natural gagging reflex.
      Repeated and regular practice will help.
      I used two things to help me take it all down: silicone lube and poppers.
      Prior to taking the dildo into my mouth I would take an amount of silicone lube into my mouth. It tastes of nothing much but it does help.
      I would slowly push the dildo into my mouth until I hit the gag. I would then withdraw and try again.
      Establish how far you can go by making a ring with your fingers round the dildo and moving your fingers against your lips.
      Have a rest and then try going to your maximum and a little extra.
      The last time you try, get the dildo as deep as you think you can and then take a careful sniff of poppers.
      You will probably be able to get another half inch in, while the poppers are working.
      Practice every day. After about 2 weeks of daily practice you will probably be able to take a great deal more. Try it on your boyfriend and see how far you can go. Get him to hold the poppers under your nose for the final push.
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