• "I watch porn when I'm alone in the house because it turns me on. Is this normal, or bad?"


    My partner watches porn regularly and I have started watching it when I’m alone in the house because it turns me on too. Is this normal, or is it bad?


    Alex Comfort – the author of the infamous sex bible The Joy of Sex – says pornography is ‘the name given to any sexual literature somebody is trying to suppress’. He goes on to say that ‘most normal people enjoy looking at sex books and reading sex fantasies – which is why abnormal people have to spend so much time and money attempting to suppress them’.

    I’m inclined to agree with him. I’m assuming you’re female which is why you’re effectively asking for permission to be turned on. After all, everyone knows that men love porn but ‘nice girls’ are supposed to be disgusted and horrified by such ‘vulgar’ sex, right? Wrong.

    After numerous bizarre tests, which involved wiring people’s genitals to machines, scientists have officially declared that women get as turned on as men by reading or watching sexually explicit material.

    Truth is, uninhibited, liberated women have always been turned on by watching or reading sexy things. It’s just that we’re often not really into that hard-core stuff that he favours.

    I’m not sure what type of porn you’re finding appealing but assuming it’s the bog standard stuff, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting turned on by it or using it to masturbate to. It’s normal so stop stressing and enjoy!

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    • lesley: April 24, 2010 11:16
      I enjoy porn now and again and used to feel guilty... Only staight or occasionally lesbian porn .. I will say though that it all seems to be made from a male perspective and still has that sleezy smutty feel to it which i hate.. Does Tracey know were proper porn best for a female viewers is available??
    • Dave: April 25, 2010 22:33
      Try watching films by Anna Span, she's a female director who sees porn from the female prospective
    • Chris Price: April 27, 2010 21:28
      I am a woman who has had her feelings supressed for years.
      But i find watching porn a turn on.
      My boyfriend was the man who i lost my virginity to when i was 16.
      And he has come back into my life after 30 years.
      He actively encourages me to be more liberal, and has videoed himself masterbating for me, . My concern is, is it right to get so turned on by this.
      I love him, and want him so much, but is this normal.

    • becks: April 30, 2010 15:09
      @chris pine: -

      hello, yes it is perfectly normal ... or i think it is, my guy currently lives away (through work) so we use porn as a way of haing sex together even when we aren't able to be physically together ... we send each other fantasies, videos, i use porn to turn myself on and explore my own sexuality too.

      I think if porn becomes the only way a person gets turned on, if you need to have porn before any sex or it ibecomes the only avenue of sexual release a person has then this may (though not is) turn into a problem ... as it is i say we should go for it and give ourselves permission to explore our sexuality freely without guilt -- if its all about consenting adults then go for it :)

    • Claudia: September 09, 2013 14:20
      I get quite turned on by watching porn but wondered if you could give me some free sites that are more orientated to women
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