• "My boyfriend doesn't let me touch or fellate him but I don't know why. What can I do?"


    I’ve now been seeing my boyfriend for three months and we get on great together. Although he has no problems with touching me before sex, as soon as I attempt to go down on him or touch him he always stops me. He’ll put his hand over his penis to stop me going there.

    I don’t understand! We’ve had intercourse but he just won’t let me touch or fellate him. I wonder if it’s a size issue? It’s weird because he’ll send me sexy texts saying he’d love me to go down on him. But when I try to, he stops me! I don’t understand what’s going on!


    You say size might be the problem, and it would certainly explain why he’s embarrassed for you to get up close and personal. But you’ve already had intercourse and if he was abnormally small, wouldn’t you have noticed then?

    It could be he’s embarrassed about something else: perhaps he doesn’t like the look of his penis or is worried he smells or it bends to the side? Women aren’t the only ones who worry about what their bits look like.

    My instinct though is that this is to do with self-control. How long did he last during sex? If it was over and done with quickly, I’m putting my money on the fact that he’s a premature ejaculator. His fantasy is your mouth wrapped around his penis but he’s worried the reality would be so exciting, he’d only last a few seconds before ejaculating.

    Have you asked him why he pushes you away? Ask him if it’s because it means he wouldn’t last very long and let him know you don’t care less if he climaxes in two seconds, that you’d take it as a compliment.

    The more he lets you touch him and give him oral sex, the more used to you he’ll get, the less sensitive he’ll be and the longer he’ll last. If it turns out to be an issue with how his penis looks, load on the compliments of how pretty it is when you do get a rare glimpse and see if that helps!

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