• "I've never had sex because I'm insecure about my vagina. Is there a wrong and right vagina?"


    I've never had sex and the thing that stops me is I feel really insecure about my vagina. I think it looks different compared to other girls.

    Is there a wrong and right looking vagina?


    When you say your vagina looks different compared to other girls, where have you seen other girl’s vaginas? Men can surreptitiously check out other men’s penises at the urinal and gym locker room because their genitals are easily seen and on display.

    Unless you’ve enrolled in nude gymnastics or have particularly obliging girlfriends who are happy to let you have a look, I suspect the vagina’s you’re comparing yourself to are those belonging to girls in porn. (The other option is you’re gay, in which case, you might well have seen a few ‘normal’ girls up close and personal but since you say you haven’t had sex and by that I think you mean intercourse, am assuming you’re straight).

    Thing is, the girls who star in porn aren’t the norm. They’re nearly always hair-free, lots get ‘anal bleaching’ to make their anus pink rather than purpley and plenty have had labiaplasty: cosmetic vaginal surgery which often involves trimming the inner lips of the vagina so they don’t protrude from the outer lips. The average vagina doesn’t look like what you’ll see in porn films or net porn.

    If you want a more realistic look at what other women have, look at ‘amateur porn’ and you’ll see a more realistic representation or visit the Big Vagina website to see lots of pictures of real women’s genitalia. (There’s no need to join the site if you don’t want to, you’ll see enough on the home page to convince yourself you’re normal!)

    You’ll also benefit from looking at the anatomy diagram. Thing is, vagina’s come in all shapes, sizes, colours and are as individual and varied as our nose.

    Look around and you’ll see no two noses are the same. Neither are vaginas. It’s also worth mentioning that the guy you fall in love with, will be in love with you, not your vagina! He’s not going to care less what it looks like - and neither should you.

    You sound quite young and I think with experience and hopefully good feedback from the lover(s) you will have, you will learn to relax about this.

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    • ConsiderateIrishLover: June 14, 2010 13:21
      No Your fine girl don't be worrying all vagina's are different just like some penis are bigger some are smaller. Nothing wrong with you I'm sure a guy can't wait and will think your amazing
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