• "I'm engaged to a great guy but I'm very self conscious. How can I open up?"


    I'm 26 and I'm engaged to an amazing man. We get so turned on by each other but I'm not confident in bed at all, we always just end up doing it missionary style, which I love but it just feels like a routine.

    I'm very self conscious and think this is part of the problem. Please help, I love my fiancé so much and don’t want him to get bored of me!


    The way to tackle this one is to confess to your fiancé that you don’t feel confident in bed and want to explore sex with him so you both have a fantastic sex life ahead of you. Choose a time when you’re both getting on well and tell him you need to talk about something that’s worrying you, then simply tell him what you’re told me here.

    If he loves you - and I’m sure he does - he will reassure you on how much you turn him on and be thrilled you want to try some new things together. If he’s a little shy and/or inexperienced, why not invest in some good sex books, go through them together and choose some positions and techniques and things that appeal to both of you.

    If you’d like to start with some of my books, I’d recommend Hot Sex as a good starter and Sextasy for when you’re feeling a little more confident. It’s not just important for you sex life that you tackle this one. You need to be able to be honest and learn to talk through problems in order for the marriage to be successful.

    The first time you bring up something like this is a little daunting but you’ll find once you start talking easily about sex, it starts to become second nature.

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    • pamela speirs: June 23, 2010 16:28
      i cannot have an orgasm and not sure if i ever have had one,used to be married with three kids now in new relationship and getting quetioned as to need to relax. would love to have orgasm please help
    • amanda: June 27, 2010 01:49
      Hi my name is amanda and im a driving instructor in swansea+neath and i would just like to say that this site is faaaaaaaaaB!!! im soooooooooooo with it!
      BIG TIME!
      Anyways i soooooooo love you type of people u are just my cup of tea, i think just like all of you, well most of u... cos obiviously i couldn't be like everyone... he he, Anyways i am highly sexed ive had partners + not one of them has been able to keep up with ME!!... i allso play with my self all the time, even when im giving driving intuition i keep a vibrator up inside of me, im just afraid that ill give it away by the glare in my eyes... norty of me i know but its not like im the one driving,
      Anyways im getting a bit side tracked hear soo ill just spit it out lol... does anyone hear know if it is illegal to have sex with with an animal that isnt your own? + if anyone would like to stear beep beep lol me to an orsome vibrator just bored need sumit new!!!!
      Anyways love u all sex lovers xxxbyexxx AMANDA
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