• "I really like a man but he says he's asexual. What does that mean?"


    I have met a man who I really like but he told me he’s asexual. Am I right in assuming this means he doesn’t like sex? What does it actually mean?


    Asexuals are best defined as people who don’t experience sexual attraction. Research suggests though, that some asexuals do feel sexual attraction, just not the inclination to act on it. It’s not the same as celibacy which is a choice.

    Sexuality is fluid and some people may go through a period of being asexual or have always been that way. Some therapists believe there is a psychological reason behind it, others say it’s simply a sexual orientation, the same way that some people are gay and others straight.

    Most asexuals are perfectly capable of having loving, intimate, affectionate relationships. It’s just that the relationship doesn’t include sex.

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    • becks: July 02, 2010 15:09
      hi, you might want to check out this website for more information about asexuals and how asexuals define themselves, or can define themselves http://www.asexuality.org/home/

      i can honestly say asexuality is not something that has raised its head in me, and i am eternally grateful, but if you are not sexual then it might be worth seeing if a friendship at least can grow between you ... wouldn't do for me but we aren't all alike ...

      good luck

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