• "My girlfriend has a sexual fantasy surrounding impregnation. Have you heard of this before?"


    My girlfriend told me months ago about a sexual fantasy she has which revolves around impregnation.

    We do a lot of role-play anyway but I was wondering how I could spice up the pregnancy aspect of the fantasy. Have you ever encountered this before and do you have any tips?

    Actually getting her pregnant is not what I want – and neither does she. We take plenty of precautions.


    I have to say I’ve heard many sexual fantasies and have never heard of this one. I’ve certainly heard of it as a real life dream but never in a sexual context, though that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it.

    You don’t give any details about the fantasy and what it involves so I’m simply left with a scenario that she’s turned on by the thought of sex that might result in a baby.

    What aspect of it turns her on? Is she searching for a deep, intimate connection? Or is it more that it’s so lusty and passionate and your ‘seed’ so powerful, her body can’t help but be fertilized?

    Ask her to give you three adjectives of why it turns her on so you can isolate exactly what elements of the fantasy do it for her. That’s your guide for how to make it more intense. If she likes it because it’s soulful sex, do lots of holding her face as you kiss her and deep, searching eye contact.

    If it’s the primitiveness of the act, make it lustier. I can’t help but wonder. though, why this particular fantasy does it for her. You say you’re taking precautions but is there a part of her that wishes you weren’t?

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    • Kyser: July 27, 2010 11:46
      Tracey - don't be so vanilla, and Google this fantasy. Or stop pretending to be a 'sexpert', because you obviously are no such thing. As a comment relating to this on Facebook ran: a woman who has rape fantasies does not wish to be raped.

      A fetish is just that - it's a scenario or element of sex that helps you get off. If a woman has a pregnancy fetish, it is the pregnancy idea helping her to get horny - not the sex.

      Read up before answering potentially relationship-threatening questions, please.

    • becks: July 28, 2010 19:51
      Well now i'd say that as with any fantasy it is worth having each of you write down variations of the fantasy focusing on what 'does it' for you/her ...

      in my case my partner has a fantasy about getting me pregnant, right now it wouldn't work for either of us to actually do that btw ... we use this in our fantasy and sex lives by a little verbal role play ...

      a lusty version is a combination of a stranger seduction fantasy with the pregnancy aspect such as - he (stranger) comes upon me masturbating after watching me for a while puts his hand over my mouth and begins to 'f- me' passionately, vagina and mouth before saying words such as "you're so sexy and love it so much ... god i want to get you pregnant"

      etc ...

      there is a gentle version of the above more making love than 'raw sex' and the dialogue comes from both of us ...

      hope that helps ...


    • Alison: August 02, 2010 11:40
      I am one of the people who also has this fantasy. I do not currently want to get pregnant but i love the though of my partner "knocking me up" it really does it for me.
      The thought of it in my head alone is often enough, i feel i don't have to share with him what i'm thinking about some of the time.
      This fantasy can be very powerful and i suppose a part of someone who has this does want a child. I have 2 already but would like another in the future.
    • Fantasy Phone Sex: August 14, 2010 07:27
      I ofcourse got this situation with my girlfriend more but she got well soon. Thanks for sharing this same information same. This blog is really interesting and informative as well.
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