• "I have had a recurring dream where I'm a man not a woman. What does it mean?"


    I have had a recurring dream where I’m a man not a woman. I do normal things but am ever conscious of my penis.

    What does it mean?


    Experts tend to divide sharply on the topic of dream analysis. Some claim dreams are simply our sub-conscious trying to make sense of the day, others say they’re our way of expressing stifled emotions.

    Dream interpreters do agree on one thing though: it’s often your reaction to what’s happening that’s most important. If you dream of having sex in public and are lapping up the attention with Mariah Carey-like fervour rather than whimpering with embarrassment, it’s likely you’re craving attention in real life.

    What’s your reaction to being a man and having a penis? If it makes you anxious in the dream, it may mean you’re worried you’re not behaving in a feminine way and people are seeing you as ‘mannish’.

    If you don’t mind being a man in your dream, it might be that you’re constantly having to prove yourself in a male world. No-one truly knows whether dream analysis is a load of old bollocks or a window into our subconscious needs.

    But do we really care when it’s such good fun analyzing the sordid little suckers?

    Tracey Cox Dare - What Happens When Fantasies Come True

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