• "What are the best sexual positions to try after having a caesarian?"


    I’ve just had a caesarian and wondered if you had any tips of what sort of sex positions might be best when I start having sex again. I’m a bit nervous my husband might accidentally knock my stomach.


    First up, wait at least six weeks after the birth before attempting intercourse. A good time is after you’ve seen the midwife or doctor who will check the incision is healing well.

    Secondly, if you don’t already have some, stock up on some good personal lubricant. Most new mums have ‘issues’ in the lubrication department after birth, especially if you’re breast-feeding. Adding extra lube is going to make it a hell of a lot more pleasurable and comfortable.

    You will be tender and (justifiably) paranoid, so choose a position where you’re on top. That way, you can control the pace and depth of penetration and (if he keeps his hands to himself) won’t have to worry about being knocked. If you’re not feeling terribly body confident - and few woman are just after birth! - and the thought of being on display horrifies you, turn the lights out (though possible worth reassuring your partner, this doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be from then on, just until you get your confidence back).

    Rear entry positions can also work: grab some soft pillows and either lean on them or hold them in front of your tummy to shield it and to make you feel safer. Side-by-side ‘spoon’ positions also work.

    One final word of advice for you and other women who’ve just had a baby: there are all sorts of horror stories after post-pregnancy sex and women not ever wanting it ever again. Fact is, the over-riding number one reason why women don’t feel ‘sexy’ after having kids it that they’re absolutely, totally and utterly knackered. Simple as that. The more help your partner gives you to help take care of the baby, the more likely it is your sex life will recover. No-one feels like sex when they’re sleep-deprived!

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