• Foolproof Guide to Buying Him the Perfect Present

    Choose a ‘fun’ present, rather than a hint your sex life isn’t all it should be.

    Men are much less sensitive about sex toys than women are but you want to spice things up, not give the poor guy performance anxiety! (And on that note, if he buys you something risqué, it doesn’t mean he’s unhappy with your sex life or you, simply trying to add sparkle.) If he’s even remotely sensitive about his penis size, avoid buying any products which claim to make him ‘bigger or harder'. Desensitising creams, designed to make him last longer during intercourse, are a perfect present for that swine of an ex who cheated constantly but best avoided for any guy you’d like to see the New Year in with.


    Try a ‘together’ toy. The Supersex Silicone Love Ring (£9.99) or Supersex Twin Silicone Vibrating Love Ring (£18.99) are good first choices because they’re great ‘couple’ toys. Sex books work for the same reason: you can flip through them together for ideas. If you’ve been together a while, Supersex for Life (£14.99) is a good choice. It’s fun and sexy but also useful because it deals with a lot of the practical stuff facing long-term couples.

    Just started going out? Superhotsex (£14.99), Supersex (£14.99) and Sextasy (£14.99) books are good all-rounders that include tons of tips and tricks to keep you both titillated and entertained all year round.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Sensation StrokerHe’ll love you forever if you buy him a male stroker sleeve. He can slip it over the end of his penis to make solo sex sessions way more enjoyable, but you can also use it on him to turn a so-so hand-job into a bloody fabulous one. Giving him a Supersex Stroker (£14.99) or Supersex Sensation Stroker (£19.99) lets him know you don’t mind him masturbating while you’re not around. You look sexually sophisticated and uninhibited - plus it takes half as long to make him orgasm if you use it on him, so kiss goodbye to hand-jobs that go on forever!

    Don’t even think about buying a ‘realistic’ penis-shaped vibrator. Even if he’s said he’d love to use a vibrator on you, stick with the more non-threatening varieties like a Supersex Bullet (£14.99), especially if it’s the first time you’ve used one together. Oh, and buying a top of the range rabbit and giving it to him is the equivalent of him buying you a drill. You’re not fooling anyone honey, that present’s for you not him!

    Beware ‘bottom’ toys. Products designed to stimulate his anal region are hugely popular because that’s the home of the male ‘G-spot’ but unless you know he enjoys anal stimulation, don’t go there. They’re great if you’ve experimented previously but presenting him with beads and yelling ‘surprise!’ might not get the reaction you intended if you haven’t. Do you really want to waste time reassuring him you don’t think he’s gay? Some guys think of anal toys as things that only gay guys use. It’s not true (of course) but play it safe, nonetheless.

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