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    If you buy something sexy, you should always combine it with a ‘love gift’. Here are some of my top romantic suggestions.

    Pink bubbly and chocolate dipped strawberries are a sweet and romantic treat. Italian Prosecco costs under a tenner and you can make your own chocolate strawberries by melting some chocolate and dipping them yourself. Adorn a cake with a message spelt out in raspberries or chocolate smarties, or lots of little cupcakes with a letter on each spelling out ‘I love you’.

    Tickets to a show or event a month or so off is nice if you’ve only been going out a little while. It shows you’ve got faith in the future. Ditto a cookery course or even a cookery book and the ingredients to cook a special dinner together.

    If you’re a guy, cook dinner - three courses and go all out with candles, flowers and a nice bottle of wine. It’s a cliché but women love it (and so do men!). If you’re an inexperienced chef, nip down to M&S or your nearest deli and buy pre-cooked treats and arrange it on plates.

    Presents are about thought not money. Think: what is my partner’s dream? If she wants to open her own restaurant, something like a supercool kitchen appliance might be the most romantic present she’s ever received. If he wants to be a writer, a beautiful leather bound notebook with something encouraging written inside - like ‘I want to read what you’re going to write’ - is perfect.

    Plan a surprise day. Tell them what they need to bring or wear and that’s it - they just turn up. It might be as simple as a drive into the countryside and a picnic or being whisked away on a fabulous mini-break to Venice. Or as sexy as booking a room in a hotel, leading them in blindfolded and then tying them to the four poster bed. Just knowing your partner has taken charge and put thought into something makes us feel special.

    Have a bed picnic. Skip the parties on Christmas Eve and spend it in bed with a load of good sex books, champagne, gorgeous goodies to nibble on (apart from each other) and a stack of Post-it notes. Go through the books and mark anything you’d like to try before handing it over to your partner. It’s a lot less embarrassing to simply mark a page which appeals than say out loud “Honey, I’d actually like you to dress like a monk, and then go down on your knees”.

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    • Avrielle_Aniko: December 15, 2010 02:48
      There are some nice ideas there. Chocolate isn't just for girls. All the men I know love chocolate just as much as any women I know!
      Chocolate dipped strawberries are dead easy to do, and you can do it with other fruit aswell like orange segments or even pear slices can work nicely too.
      Me and my man aren't big on sexy gifts as it is not really our cup of tea, but I don't get very much money so christmas has to be done on a very tight budget.
      Shop around to find best prices on items you want to get your partner. Check out charity shops and antique shops too. I have bought my man a very cheap but good quality albert chain and a small but quite stylish pin brooch he can wear on his jacket, and I'm sure he will love them both! Charity shops don't just sell rubbish that no one wants and the money you give goes to a good cause at the same time!
      If you want to put a little sexy touch on your partners gifts, then why not try a sexy hamper or stocking with small treats and gift leading to something very sexy. Like you put rather seductive handmade chocolates for him or her to open first, then perhaps a sexy piece of underwear, then some body chocolate or massage oils and surely your better half will get the hints by now and if there is something you want to try together for the first time then you could have something in there that will drop the penny, for instance, if you want to try bondage then you could get a pair of handcuffs or bondage tape for your partner to open last.

      Happy shopping!

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