• "My orgasms are routine and boring. Do I need a new sex toy?"


    When I first started playing with vibrators about seven years ago, I started having my first orgasms, and they were phenomenal.  I thought I had found the solutions to the world's problems.  Now, they seem routine, almost boring.

    I rarely have those full body mind blowing orgasms I used to frequently have. It's becoming frustrating, and I'm not sure what the cause is.  Do I need a new toy?  Are there exercises you’d recommend to get those old feelings back?


    A number of things could be happening here. First up, the novelty has worn off. When we first start having orgasms, it is indeed a mind-blowing experience (your joke about feeling like you could solve the world’s problems made me laugh!). But just as falling in love the second, third (fourth, fifth) time isn’t quite as gobsmackingly great as it is the first time you feel it, our 1000th orgasm is never going to be as intense as the first.

    The more we experience something, the more used to it we are and the less ‘sensational’ it feels. The other reason could be that you’re so experienced at what buttons to push, you get the job done very quickly.

    Generally, the longer you ‘tease’ yourself, the stronger the orgasm is. So try building up to the point where you’re about to climax, then stopping for a bit or reducing the vibration, then building up to almost-there point again a few times, before giving in and going all the way.

    Different toys might be a good idea, simply because different vibrators have different speeds and intensity of vibration. Mixing it up a bit is always a good idea!

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    • sexglo: February 08, 2011 07:46
      wow great...sex toys related very interesting information you are providing..great!!!
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