• "Do aphrodisiac pills actually increase libido or simply work as a placebo?"


    Do aphrodisiac pills work to increase libido or do they work as a placebo?


    There’s always been a link between food and sex but quite apart from its obvious hedonistic pleasures (eaten, smeared or inserted!), it’s the nutrients in food which are more essential for good sex. The better your diet, the more energy you have to do naughty things. The better your body image, the more inclined you’ll be to show it off.

    Skipping meals makes us irritable, over-eating makes us feel fat, sluggish and deeply unsexy. The trick to maintaining your sex drive, feeling and looking good and keeping your libido hovering deliciously high, is to eat little, often and to include lots of ‘sexy’ foods in your diet. While all healthy food is good for you, some nutrients are linked to sexual health more than others.

    Add some of the following to your shopping trolly next time: Zinc helps create enzymes which govern taste and smell - both crucial for sexual arousal. You’ll find it in shellfish, seafood, eggs, cheese, lamb, chicken, turkey, lentils, brown rice. Magnesium keeps your sex hormones nicely balanced, aids sexual stamina and is vital for sexual sensitivity, arousal, ejaculation and orgasm.

    Blue Zeus Pills (2 Capsules)Eat green leafy vegetables, nuts, cheese, bananas, cereal. Calcium is good for nerve transmission and muscle contraction associated with male erection and female orgasm. You’ll find it in dairy products, green leafy vegetables, beans, prunes, nuts, dried fruit.

    There is one sex supplement I do recommend. The amino acid L-arginine is generally regarded as the natural equivalent of Viagra and is a much safer alternative if you have high blood pressure. It works by increasing the level of a chemical called nitric oxide in the body.

    This acts as a nerve transmitter, increasing blood flow to the penis. It’s found in chicken, eggs, beef and dairy products or you can take concentrated quantities in a supplement. L-arginine and Zinc also feature in Blue Zeus Pills, a formulation of well researched and highly regarded herbal extracts that may help enliven and maintain sexual vigour, vitality and performance in men.

    Yohimbe is another alternative. It was prescribed in the US for erectile dysfunction before Viagra became available.

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