• "I have never been able to orgasm without a vibrator. Should I just accept this?"


    I have never been able to have a vaginal orgasm. I am fine with it because I own a vibrator and can orgasm on my own.  I have tried to use my vibrator during sex but it doesn’t work so it’s very frustrating for both me and my boyfriend. Should I just accept that I cannot have vaginal orgasms?


    Well, no-one actually has vaginal orgasms! Orgasms are generated by the clitoris - which is, of course, why you are keen to introduce a vibe into bed with you.

    Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator(Yes, some women can orgasm through intense stimulation of the front wall of the vagina but that’s still not a vaginal orgasm because it’s stimulation of the female prostate and the area around the urethra.)

    Buy hey, you don’t really care about that because what you’re really asking me is this: how do I have an orgasm with him inside me. Right? First up, you say you’ve tried using your vibrator but don’t say what sort of vibrator it is. What works for you solo, can be highly ineffective in bed with the two of you.

    The best vibes for the job aren’t Rabbits, but things like vibrating penis rings, finger vibes (they make it easier to hold on the clitoris) or a slim little bullet vibe is also great: intense in vibration but non intrusive.

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    • julie: March 30, 2011 16:08
      hi tracey, i am a widow who has been alone for 12yrs, a wonderful man has recently swept me off my feet, the sex we have is great, i had forgotten how good it is, i want to be able to have the orgasms, especially when he is inside me. i do find it hard to have any orgasm at times, i love the stimulation i get from him, ie mouth and fingers and penis, but i just can't seem to reach it, i want us to both be satisfied and enjoy the fun we have, what would you advise, what can i do to help myself and my partner? thank you
    • Kat: April 17, 2011 20:17
      I am having problems orgasming, is it because i'm just not attracted to my toe nail boyfriend anymore? or am i experiencing serious problems?
    • Cristina: November 05, 2016 23:27
      I got my new partner leave in an other country. We would like to have sex but right now is impossible. How can we have sex trough the internet. I know is none sense, so far we only have taking fotos and and videos naked of eachother. Thanks.
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