• "I can only orgasm when masturbating and lying face down. How can I break this habit?"


    Whenever I stimulate myself, I do it lying face down on the bed. I’ve always done it this way and can’t orgasm unless it’s by this method. I’ve also never been able to orgasm with a guy. Is it because I’ve somehow trained myself to only orgasm in that position and if so, how do I break the habit?


    While there’s nothing wrong with masturbating in that position, relying on one and only one way of doing it - particularly one that’s not partner friendly - can cause problems.

    The trick to breaking the pattern is to retrain your body to respond to a wider range of sexual stimulation. Try lying on your side instead of face down, then when you get used to that, lying on your back. Use different paces, rhythms and hand techniques. In the meantime, masturbate less often so sexual tension builds, making it easier to tip over the edge with your boyfriend.

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