• "I have a fetish for big breasts. Should I ask my girlfriend to get a boob job to arouse me?"


    I have a sexual fetish. Big breasts are a turn on for me and it's what gets me very aroused. I’ve been dating a girl and we’re getting very close. She is beautiful on the outside and a great girl on the inside, but she has very small breasts.

    The sex is okay but I’m not as aroused as I get if I was having sex with a busty girl. What should I do? Should I tell her to get a boob job? How can I approach that without hurting her feelings? I don’t want this sexual fetish of mine to ruin a good relationship.


    First up, please tell me you’re joking about the boob job. You wouldn’t be the first guy to suggest their girlfriend gets a boob job but you don’t sound like the kind of sleazy, pathetic, a**hole type who usually does that. (If you were serious, I think you can gather by my response that I am hardly going to help you word it so it ‘won’t hurt her feelings’). So, boob job question answered. No go.

    Now for some good news: you don’t actually have a fetish. If you had a true ‘big boob’ fetish, you’d be unable to get aroused at all unless the girl had big breasts. You’re having ‘okay’ sex with your girlfriend which means you’re just more aroused by busty women. There is a huge difference between the two.

    You can work with this one - and this girl sounds worth it. Believe me, you won’t find a person who has everything you want. I’d love my boyfriend to have a six-pack and bulging biceps which is what does it for me BUT all his other qualities make it worth compromising on that one. And while you can’t suggest a boob job, you can buy her some gorgeous padded push-up bras which turn an A-cup into a C instantly.

    You can also fantasise about big-breasted women while you’re making love with her (though I wouldn’t necessarily tell her this!) and, if she’s up for it, you could watch erotica while making love with her - that happens to feature the odd big breasted hottie!

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    • Alicia D'amore: April 11, 2011 17:33
      I feel it important to stress that women often pick up on porn preferences so if the route of "erotica" is an option it's best to keep it to the "odd big breasted hottie" and not exclusively big boobed women. Especially if the partner is already insecure!


    • jason: May 28, 2013 20:27
      Dude you are a moron. I cant wait till she says your dick is too small and wants someone who has a bigger one. Be happy with what you have and who she is dumbass.
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