• "I fantasise and masturbate over my friend's mum and it's making me confused. What should I do?"


    I regularly fantasise and masturbate over my friend’s mum. Every time I see her or go near her I can feel myself starting to go hard. I want things to happen but I'm not sure if they should. What should I do?


    This answer should come with ‘Warning! Warning!’ attached to it, alarm bells and flashing lights. Don’t go there! As a fantasy, it’s quite harmless and I can see the appeal. Your mate’s mum is forbidden, you see her as experienced sexually - and she’s probably flirting with you a little (or a lot).

    It’s a common fantasy - I get lots of letters like yours. What I also get are letters from either the mother, the son or the son’s friend, all completely devastated, when the fantasy turns into reality. The fallout is horrendous. If you acted on this, you’d lose your friend instantly. You’d also be responsible for him feeling horribly betrayed, both by you and his mother. The relationship between mother and son will never be the same. You’d ruin both their lives.

    The rule that says ‘Thou shall not shag your son’s friends’ might be unspoken but it’s loud and clear and unambiguous. Even if the mother went for it (and who’s to say she won’t slap you across the face and ban you from seeing her son or her for trying), the chances of it turning into a relationship that makes all the heartache worthwhile are so low, it’s ridiculous. Sure, the sex might be hot - particularly after you’ve been fantasizing about it for so long. But believe me, it’s still a lot hotter in your head. Leave it there.

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    • Peter: April 26, 2011 22:26
      I am almost 24 years old. Is masturbation a harmful act? I've heard from many people saying that masturbation could lead to impotency, reduce the stamina in future, stuff like that.. What would I do? Please explain.
    • Steve: May 01, 2011 08:59
      Very wise words Tracey! Friends mums are always a definate no-go!
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