• "My wife loves her rabbit vibrator but seems to be allergic to it. Could it be the latex?"


    My wife is conservative when it comes to sex. I have introduced her to a rabbit vibrator and although it seems that she enjoys it, she now complains that it gives her the "itches". This is despite me ensuring it’s kept clean and in a hygienic state. Could it be that the material it’s made of that’s responsible for the itching?


    Absolutely! She could have a latex allergy - it’s fairly commonly used in sex toys and even if they’re advertised as ‘latex free’, some mass manufactured non-latex toys are poured into moulds that have had latex in them.

    Tracey Cox dare! Rabbit VibratorThe way to completely avoid exposure is to buy something made of high quality silicone. Most silicone manufacturers only work with silicone. It could also be that your wife had a yeast infection and didn’t realise.

    Using toys can contribute to or encourage a yeast or bacterial infection, especially if she’s prone to things like thrush that cause the ‘itches’. Also check the lubricant she’s using. Some people are allergic to parabens so make sure hers is paraben-free and phthalates free (another possible irritant).

    The Dare! Rabbit VIbrator - £49.99 is my new rabbit vibe and is made from silicone and is latex free.

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    • Chloe: May 31, 2011 18:42
      I have the same problem! I can't use any latex condoms or dildos and if I do it will be painful for weeks
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