• "I've started seeing an older man and want to keep him happy in bed. Have you got any sex tips?"


    I have started seeing an older man - I’m 23 and he is 37 and I would like to know the best way to keep him happy in bed.

    He loves me giving him oral sex and I quite enjoy doing it but I get bored easily after what feels like about four or five minutes. I then stop and kiss him and he finds this annoying. How can I make it so I don’t get bored so easily?


    Try using a few new techniques and increase both your grip and speed. Always use your hands on him, as well as your mouth and flick the frenulum - the little stringy bit where the head of his penis joins the shaft - with your tongue every time you pass it.

    He may also like the ‘Making fire’ technique. Imagine you have a stick between your hands and are trying to start a fire by rolling it. Hold the palms of your hands straight, facing either side of his penis. Using a rolling/rubbing motion, start at the bottom of his penis and slide upward, then down again, keeping the motion consistent and rhythmic. Start slowly, then build pressure and speed when he approaches orgasm.

    You can also sneakily speed things up a little by either having some porn playing in the background, slipping a lubricated finger inside his anus when he’s fully aroused or pressing firmly in between his legs (aim for his perineum - the smooth bit between his testicles and bottom) with the pads of your fingers.

    All of these will up the stimulation and make him more likely to orgasm quickly. If all this fails, skip the porn and have your favourite TV show playing in the background, choosing a position where you can watch it. That should keep you amused!

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    • Emma: June 17, 2011 13:18
      Aye,,I got a tip...Don`t tell him you notice his pubic hair`s grey!!!
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