• "How can we keep our marriage and love life happy?"


    My husband and I love sex and have a great sex life but are well aware that lust dies over time. What can we do now to make sure things don’t go stale later?


    Find a photo of the two of you that best captures your lustiest period - when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other - and put it on the fridge. It will serve as a constant reminder you of how good you are together.

    Rediscover technology as the sexy stimulator it used to be. Long term lovers use mobile phones for mundane purposes (‘Honey, can you pick up some milk on the way home’). Imaginative lovers use it to tease, titillate and turn each other on (‘Hurry home, I want you inside me’).

    Make sure you don’t just meet at home or always leave from home to go out together. Make your own way separately to meet up sometimes - it does us good to see our partners walk in solo. It reminds us that they are out there in the world without us sometimes and stops us taking them for granted. So have a coffee at lunchtime and dinner somewhere you don’t usually go. We also listen more and engage more with our partners outside our home turf. Plan a few dirty weekends away per year to top up the batteries. Sex on vacation or in a hotel is nearly always better than sex at home.

    Finally, buy a few good sex books (I’d recommend Superhotsex from my range) and go through them together, marking stuff and positions you’d like to try. Make a pact to try one new thing each week, with each of you taking turns on initiating them. That should keep you going for a bit!

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